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With a virtual reality headset, you can experience Wärtsilä in another dimension – literally.


At particular points in the Wärtsilä Drunen paper, indicated by orange pinpoints, you’ll encounter surprising and appealing videos by viewing them with the VR headset. You can also discover extras without the glasses by scanning the blue pinpoints next to the orange ones with your telephone.

Virtually explore the world of Wärtsilä in Drunen

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Wärtsilä solutions for marine and oil & gas markets

Take a look at our detailed productportfolio for the maritime, oil & gas industry  in this brochure.

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Wärtsilä Encyclopedia of Marine Technology

Want to dive deeper into the world of Wärtsilä? We have a beautiful, extensive online encyclopedia to enthuse you from A to W (for Wärtsilä, of course. And, yes, it goes to Z).

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All about safety

On the Wärtsilä grounds, the following safety and health regulations apply to both our employees and to our visitors. We expect you to read, understand and use these regulations. We therefore ask that you please read the text below carefully.

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+31 (0)88 980 4333
Emergency number


Should you encounter any unsafe situation, notify your Wärtsilä contact person of this.


Upon arrival, you must register at the reception desk as a visitor. You will then receive a visitor’s pass. We request that you wear this visibly. Upon departure, you must log out and return the badge.


We request that you follow the instructions of corporate emergency responders in the event of an emergency. You can recognise these employees by their fluorescent jackets.


When taking stairs, hold onto the banister.


Don’t use the elevator during emergencies.

Smoking is permitted only in the areas indicated.

Emergency number +31 889804333

Taking photos is permitted only after receiving Wärtsilä’s permission.

Wear your visitor’s badge visibly.

As a visitor, you are under the supervision of a Wärtsilä employee.

Gathering area. Follow the instructions given by the “BHV” personnel.

Access for those less than 16 years of age is permitted only under supervision.

Deposit waste in the wastebaskets indicated.

Park in the designated areas. Company transport always takes priority.

The speed limit is 15 km/h.